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With barrels lining the walls, and various wine verbiage strewn throughout our menu, it’s no surprise to us when guests are beguiled to discover that we are a brewery. Being the only brewery on a highway surrounded by vineyards we’ve become accustomed to it. It makes sense that people would mistake us for our vintner cousins when our processes aren’t entirely dissimilar from the wine making process. Sometimes it seems that all we’re missing is the grapes, and sometimes we aren’t missing them at all.

When it comes to using wine adjuncts in our beers, we’ve had a few big successes. It’s been a big year for our wine-beers here at Alesong, we’ve received a lot of accolade this year for our hybrids, and we are excited to introduce another in our May release! With our terroir series, not only do we get to create something unique blurring the lines between two beverage worlds, but our hybrids give us a neat opportunity to highlight local fruit in our valley.

To continue our terroir series —showcasing the local ingredients, climate, terrain and processes of our region— we worked with Iris Vineyards up the road to get our hands on some Chardonnay. Terroir: Chardonnay, started as a blonde farmhouse that then underwent a second fermentation on the fresh pressed Chardonnay juice. This beer carries notes of peach, honey and tropical fruit with subtle oak on the finish. It ends with medium acidity intertwined with a soft citrus peel note.