To celebrate three years of making delicious beers, we once again turned to our off-brand idea of making awesome IPAs and packaging them in cans. Hey, we like IPA as well, and it's our birthday, so we'll do what we want.

For the 2019 Canniversary edition we sought out our buds at Sunriver Brewing, winner of many awards for their delicious beers, especially of the hoppy variety. Working with the Sunriver team was great, especially because we got to design the recipe with former Block 15 brewers, the place that we currently make our wort. Adam and Aaron were tasked with helping create and brew the recipe from our template and discussions.  And we think they knocked it out of the park.

To play on the idea of our 3rd Anniversary we, of course, had to triple dry hop it (TDH, Bro!), but we didn't stop there. There are three malts, and three hops strains… all in three different forms.  Hop extract was used in the boil, hop pellets were used in the hot side and the dry hopping, and then the new Cryo hops were used in the dry hop.  The crew over there crawled up on the fermenter three times to add aromatic hops to the batch lending a great pungent aroma.

The hops we used were Citra, Simcoe, and Strata, a new aroma variety hop. The combo of these hops gives great notes of citus, tropical aromas of passionfruit and mango with a resiny and dank overlay that we in the northwest love.  The body is light and the bitterness is medium, lending to the great drinkability of this aromatic American IPA. It is 6.8% abv and 68 IBUs. We only have 40 cases, which will go fast.  Stop in for a glass on draft or pick up a 4 pack to go before it's gone until next year!

Cans are available now to club members, and then to the public come our 3rd Anniversary party Sunday June 2nd. We’ll be having marche pizza and beer on the patio accompanied by FREE ice cream :D, its a good old fashion ice cream social.

See you then!