It’s no secret that we take inspiration from Belgian Lambic brewers here at Alesong, and this quarter we’re sending a humble nod to their practices and releasing our own take on the classic Belgian Kriek. Kriek, deriving its name from the Flemish word for cherry, is a style that indicates a refermentation on cherries where the additional sugars from the fruit send the beer through another cycle of fermentation. Thus, leaving the beer with the essence and flavor of the fruit without the added sweetness.

Our Kriek started from our Lambic inspired base (slightly tart and dry with a good dose of unmalted wheat) aged in French Oak barrels. After barrel aging we introduced two varietals of cherries for refermentation: sweet Lambert cherries that we got hold of from Detering Orchards up the road, and Montmorency cherries from another local grower providing powerful tartness. Initially, we introduced these cherries to the beer separately in two blends, but after some methodic blending trials, we decided the balanced character we got from the two varietals together yielded a much better beer.  

What came to fruition is a brilliant red beer —most of the color coming from the addition of the Lambert cherries— with a tart cherry profile and underlying notes of vanilla and a subtle spiciness from the barrels. Grab a glass of this Kriek after from our February 17th release, and put the final cherry on top of your day.