There are few things in this world that pair together as well as coffee and chocolate. Throw some beer into the mix, and what you have is a winning trio. That’s why this winter, we’re bringing back one of our most celebrated Rhinos to date! Mocha Rhino Suit was first released back in 2017 and we haven’t forgotten just how well those velvety layers of chocolate intermingle with the roasty flavors of the coffee and malts. The decadent beer won us over, and we find ourselves thinking of it often (i.e., every morning when we wish our morning coffee was just a little more potent, not that we would ever indulge before noon…).

This beer started from our typical Rhino Suit process— we brewed an imperial stout with the addition of lactose (a sugar non-fermentable by yeast) resulting in a the rich and creamy beer that we all know is Rhino Suit. We then threw it in freshly emptied Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels —our bourbon of choice for these stouts— to mature for 10 months and worked with the local artisans over at Slightly Coffee and Chocolate Alchemy in Eugene to hand-select the freshly roasted coffee and cocoa beans to finish it off! What comes together are velvety layers of bourbon, vanilla and coconut that marry with dark cocoa and coffee flavors for a decadent treat any time of day.