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Alesong & Friends

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Join us at our tasting room on Thursday of Eugene Beer Week for an intimate evening of tasting exclusive offerings from some of our favorite breweries! While we participate in a lot of larger festivals and definitely love the energy of the crowds sometimes, we often find ourselves frustrated with the whole scene. Too many beers available and too many people all trying to drink the same few, results in huge lines, sold out offerings, and frustration with the experience.

Our answer is a more intimate tasting event. We've gone through and hand-selected breweries we're excited about and have procured small quantities of exclusive (read: unavailable) beers to share with you. We're selling only enough tickets to guarantee everyone gets to try every beer and will have a handful of the brewers on hand to chat with you about their creations. We're still finalizing all the logistics, but your entry gets you into the event with 10 small (4 oz) pours, light food and a brief panel / Q&A with our brewer guests. The current lineup includes highly limited offerings from:

  • The Ale Apothecary

  • The Bruery

  • Cascade Brewing

  • Casey Brewing and Blending

  • De Garde Brewing

  • Jester King Brewery

  • Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

  • Wiseacre Brewing Co.

And a couple more surprises not yet finalized! Trust us, if you are a fan of wild and mixed culture beers, you will not be disappointed.

This is a ticketed event with limited spaces available to ensure the best possible experience for everyone so don't wait to reserve your spot!