Alesong was founded in 2015 by brothers Brian and Doug Coombs and veteran brewer, Matt Van Wyk with the goal to create something a little different in the Pacific Northwest.

Brian is the catalyst responsible for turning the Alesong dream into a reality, bringing the team together and convincing us all to dive in head first.  Coming from a chemistry background, Brian entered the beer world through the cellar and it wasn’t long though before he was pulled into the nascent barrel program at Oakshire Brewing where Matt recognized how helpful his expertise would be with managing longer fermentations in a less controlled environment.  The more involvement Brian had with barrel aged beer, the more he was hooked.

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Matt is a brewing industry veteran with more than a decade of experience making barrel aged beers.  After 7 years as brewmaster at Oakshire Brewing, Matt was ready to take on a new challenge and venture out on his own. Always a lover of brewing for its artistry and the creative outlet it provided him, Matt has been a huge fan of making and consuming barrel aged and Belgian style beers throughout his career and is thrilled to be able to really focus on those styles at Alesong.

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Doug comes from a background in the wine world, having worked with some of the top wineries in California.  Doug loves wine and the really cool consumer experience that wineries are focused on providing, but has always had a much stronger affinity for beer as a consumer. 

When Brian came to him with the idea of a brewery that started to blur the lines between the two worlds, he was sold. 

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