Live music on the patio every Sunday from 3:00 to 6:00pm!

What started as some get-down old-time holler at some of them Mud City

soirées has sprouted into this unrefined, and downright rambunctious

sound: Appalachian hill music of old blended with a handmade, tough as

nails, breakbeat blues stank!  

Homebrewed in the groves and hollows of Lane County, Dirty Spoon's music

spans generational divides with energetic and often improvised tunes that

somehow manage to stay on the rails, while seeming hell-bent on puttin'er

in the ditch.

The Dirty Spoon sound is fueled through respect for traditional oldtime,

round peak, and delta blues tunes, and their relentless search for a

genuine Northwest Foothill Holler that remains authentic.  Every show is

unique and is sure to inspire with our use of handmade gadgetry,

instrumentation, and the frequent sit-ins from those who have a little

something extra to add to the Dirty Spoon Squalor.