• Mikkeller SF (map)
  • 34 Mason Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
  • United States

This is a limited sixteen-person dinner. It will consist of ten beers paired with eight courses. Along with an additional tasting of something very special as a surprise from each brewery to finish the evening. Two of our favorite small batch breweries from Oregon will be offering up some very special beers for us to pair with local foods.  Five beers from each brewery will be paired with small courses crafted just for this dinner.

Both breweries make Belgian style ales that use a range of adjunct ingredients and barrel aging which makes their beers truly special and unique.  For these reasons, it will be a very fun and unique type of dinner.  Both Paul from Ale Apothecary and Matt & Doug of Alesong will be in attendance and be joining us for the dinner and a Q & A. We are very excited about this event. This event has been talked about for a year and is finally going to happen, it should not be missed.  It will be worth every penny for those that are into beer and food. These beers are extremely small batch and they take from months to years to produce.

Beers include but not limited to

  • Be Still
  • Spruce Latache
  • Faerie Tears
  • Cherry/Cognac El Cuatro
  • Unknown Fruit Beer
  • Terroir Pinot Gris
  • French 75
  • Kind of Blue
  • Peche
  • Vanilla Rhino Suit

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