• Alesong Brewing & Blending (map)
  • 80848 Territorial Highway
  • Eugene, OR, 97405
  • United States

Come down Saturday, October 14th from 4-7pm to experience the brilliance of Daniel and The Blonde.

From Daniel and The Blonde,

" Hi! We are Daniel and the Blonde. We are partners in music, life, love and in living with purpose. We strive to make a difference, to connect and to change for the better, but mostly we try to be happy. We have a strong belief in real music -  the kind that you can’t autotune to perfection. We are, as humans, imperfect perfections and that is what our music reflects: reality and purity. We have a message and would like you to hear it. After years of traveling and playing anywhere and everywhere, we are making our first album together and we are thankful to have you be a part of it!"

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