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Feels like the seasons are changing around here… cold rainy days and leaves turning can only mean one thing: it’s time for a new release!  So on Sunday 11/19 we’ll be celebrating with four new beers for the upcoming holiday season! 

As the last one, this event will take place at our tasting room, but unlike past releases, it will NOT be open to the public, so you must be on our mailing list AND purchase bottles in the presale to attend.  We have always viewed these events as a way to say thank you to our best customers and let them try the new beers first, but have also always felt there was room for more people to share the fun…  However, as our mailing list has grown, it was becoming harder and harder logistically to provide a great experience for our members while also trying to plan for an unknown number of other attendees and decided to make the change.  If you’re reading this and aren’t on the mailing list, but don’t want to miss out, don’t worry - you can still sign up and be a part of the fun (no cost or obligation to buy)!

Anyway, about this release!  We’re stoked to have some awesome fall beers that reflect both the fruits of this year’s harvest and some wintry themed darker beers that go superbly with a warm fire now that the rainy season is upon us!  Look for more info on all these beers to be posted on our blog in the coming weeks, but the quick version of what’s coming out is below:

  • Apricot Sky – Mixed culture blonde ale aged in French oak barrels with whole apricots
  • Terroir: Pinot Gris – Brett fermented farmhouse ale aged in French Oak barrels and conditioned with Pinot Gris juice
  • Vanilla Rhino Suit – a vanilla version of our bourbon barrel-aged imperial milk stout
  • Dubbel – Belgian style dubbel ale

The release will take place in the barrel cellar at our new tasting room from 12-8pm on 11/19 and will feature live music, a food truck on site and tastings of our four new beers paired with hand-selected bites of artisan cheeses.  Beers will be released via presale a couple weeks prior to our mailing list and, as mentioned above, the only way to get into the party is to order from the pre-sale.  6 bottles purchased will get you in free with your significant other to enjoy the pairings (1-5 bottles and you can still come in, but will have to pay $20 for the tasting) Mailing list members can pick up their pre-ordered bottles and purchase more bottles of the new releases that day depending on availability.  Stay tuned for our release email which will go out the first week of November and keep checking back here for more on each of these new beers!