Although Doug grew to love beer (perhaps surprisingly) through drinking Milwaukee’s “Beast” in college, he still remembers his first experience with craft beer (Magic Hat and Otter Creek on a Vermont trip) as a revelation.  Upon returning to the west coast after college (and the land of OG Sierra Nevada), Doug dove head first into experiencing as many awesome craft beers as he could.  Living in northern California, he was also within striking distance of the world renowned Napa/Sonoma winemaking region and spent a few years exploring that world as well.  In a business role, he was able to learn first-hand the ins and outs of consumer brands and what top producers like Kosta Browne were doing to ensure that every experience they provide is unforgettably amazing. 

Doug is an avid traveler and lover of other cultures and after a few years in California, he knew he had to have an international experience so, with little more than a plan to “start a business,” he packed his belongings into a couple of suitcases and moved to Bogotá Colombia.  Nearly four years later, and with a successful consumer technology startup under his belt, it was time to come home.  Doug is thrilled to be joining with Brian and Matt on the Alesong adventure and explore all that Oregon has to offer. 

When not at the brewery, Doug loves all things outside and adrenaline inducing.  Being from Tahoe originally, snowboarding is his first love, but he also enjoys surfing, cycling, golfing and being unnecessarily competitive in all kinds of meaningless recreational activities (think of the volleyball scene in Meet the Parents).