Kind of Blue

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Kind of Blue


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Our light-bodied Belgian ale was matured on two varieties of blueberries grown next door at King Estate Winery, yielding a deep magenta color and bursting berry aroma. The oak aging layers in hints of vanilla and dry tannic notes while the secondary berry fermentation adds a firm acidity and complexity that will continue to develop and evolve over time. Click for the full backstory

ABV: 6.9%
IBUS:  5
Cases Produced: 140
Malt: Rahr 2-row, Weyerman Pils, Weyerman acidulated, Rahr white wheat, Malpass raw wheat, flaked oats 
Hops: Aged French Triskel 
Yeast: Saccharomyces, blend of Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces
Barrels: French oak, Oregon Pinot Noir
Special Ingredients: 2 lbs/gal. whole Oregon blueberries 
Food pairings: Asian chicken salad with mandarin oranges and blueberries, fresh ricotta cheese, angel food cake with strawberries and cream