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Be a part of our community!  As a member, you'll receive discounts on beer and merchandise, complimentary release parties and tastings at the tasting room, and perhaps most importantly, exclusive club offerings that will never be available in stores.  Read on for more info on our different levels of membership as well as some more detailed FAQ below and if you're ready to sign up, choose one of the following options!

For questions or changes to your membership, please contact us at club@alesongbrewing.com or 541-972-3303.


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Not quite ready to commit, but still want to stay in touch and be apprised of new releases and preorder periods?  Check out our mailing list!

Blender's Circle FAQ

How do I customize my club shipment?

We'll send you an email before each release with the new offerings and the standard shipment so you can update your preferences.  If you'd rather just receive a little of everything and not customize, there's nothing for you to do!

How do I RSVP for the bottle release events?

When we announce the new release beers, we'll also include a link to RSVP for the events.  You will be able to pick up your beers without an RSVP, but will not be able to participate in the food pairings.

How long do I have to pick up my shipment?

60 days from the release.  If you do not pick it up by that date, we'll ship it to you and charge your credit card for the shipping cost.  If you'd like to change your shipping option from pick up to ship (or vice versa) for any given release (or permanently), just contact us and let us know!

Can I give a gift shipment?

Yes!  We offer our 6 bottle membership as a gift membership for a one year fixed term (4 shipments).  Click here to sign up and be sure you include the gift recipient's information in the shipping field (Oregon only).

How does purchasing work if I'm on the mailing list?

At each release we will send out an email to the members of our mailing list offering them the option to reserve a certain number of bottles of our beer in advance of any public release.  Members will then have a week to confirm their order and make a purchase online before those bottles are moved to the pool for general release.  If mailing list members purchase a minimum of 6 bottles, they'll also have the option to RSVP for the release event. 

What are my options if I live outside of Oregon?

We currently offer a club just for non-Oregon residents through our partnership with Tavour!  Unfortunately we have some limitations on that one logistically, so can't offer shipment customization, but you can sign up for a discounted flat rate 8 bottle shipment each quarter and have it shipped to you in any of the following states: WA, CA, CO, AZ, NV, NM, OH, WI, NY, NE, DC, MA, FL, PA, NH, NJ, and ID! We also host a club pickup event in Seattle if you're on the mailing list and want to pick up that way.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes.  Just email (club@alesongbrewing.com) or call us (541-972-3303). However, because we offer significant savings and benefits to our members, if you choose to cancel prior to receiving your second release, we will charge you a $50 cancellation fee.