At Alesong, we base a lot of what we do on traditional brewing practices, but we are in Oregon after all, and still try to play our part in the experimental push of craft brewing. We had the good fortune of bringing home gold and silver in Oregon beer award’s experimental category this year, and are super excited to unveil our next “off the beaten path” ale. Spicy ginger, warm cinnamon, and smooth vanilla beans make up Grandma’s favorite cookies, and also our newest sour beer. 

This late summer special exhibits a similar Oud Bruin/Flanders Red inspired foundation that you may remember from older vintages of ours like Raspberry Parliament and Cherry Parliament. However, instead of adding fruit this time, we added gingersnap inspired spices to our final blend, resulting in a beer that is unique and complex, yet somehow so familiar.

Fresh spicy ginger, roasted clove, rich red malt, vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon notes all come to the table and balance with the lightly acidic base beer. Take the Ginger Snap to the table with a roasted rosemary lamb chop with a side of honey glazed carrots, and be sure to ask grandma to whip up a batch of those world famous gingersnap cookies to pair with for desert. We will for sure be enjoying this one into the fall.