For the fourth and final beer of this release we are very excited to announce the first part of our collaboration with The Commons! Back in April of 2017 Matt and I took our box truck on the road to brew with Sean, Sam, Mike and crew at the Commons in Portland. The idea of the collaboration was to make a rustic farmhouse ale where we would take half the wort and ferment it with our brettanomyces in our cellar and they would ferment their half in their cellar. This would yield us two beers with an expression of the terroir of each of our cellars. While we didn't get the chance to fully execute this plan we were able to bring all the barrels down to our cellar when the Commons closed. After a lengthy maturation time in our cellar we invited Mike down to come up with a couple of blends using the beer from the collaboration. This is the first and smaller of the two blends.

Friend in Commons is made up of our three favorite barrels from the batch that had a great expression of brett, acid and oak. We then dry-hopped the blend with citra to really bring out the citrus notes in the beer. The rest of the barrels were given a healthy dose of fresh nectarines and will be ready for our next release in May.