Considering we really don’t make hop forward beers often, it’s not common for our cellar to be punching with hop aroma. But harvest season in the Pacific Northwest means a bounty of some of the best Oregon has to offer, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The fresh hopped, barrel-aged mixed culture blend is a style we did for the first time last year and are very excited to revisit. Aromatics from fresh hops are pretty unparalleled, and with positive feedback from last fall’s Farm Fresh, we are back with a delicious new variant stuffed to the brim with Comet hops from Oregon’s own Crosby hop farm! 

Located just south of Portland, Crosby hop farm gave us a great selection to choose from and we settled on the Comet hop which has been described to have a “wild American” flavor that we thought fit right into our methodology! After soaking up the hop aromas on the ride from Crosby back to our cellar, we tasted through our mixed culture French oak barrel selection and put together a blend of 3 oak casks that we felt complimented the Comet best. Farm Fresh ’19 bounces with citrus zest and fragrant spicy, grassy, and earthy notes… for now! Considering the volatility of fresh hops, we decided keep this batch draft-only, to relish its freshness as soon as it finished. We’ll have this one available on draft here in our tasting room for you to enjoy shortly, and will be sending out a handful of kegs to some of our favorite pour houses in the Oregon.

If you’re curious about this style and more, be sure to check out last year’s version here.