We do everything a bit slower than industry standard here at Alesong. Most breweries have picked, brewed, released and enjoyed several fresh hop beers before we even get one out of the cellar. But hey, we like things slow out here in the country. Along with all the fresh fruit we processed this summer we found some time and a couple barrels to do a small fresh hop blend. We worked with a local grower, whose farm sits below Mt. Pisgah here in Eugene, to get 20lbs of fresh Centennial hops straight off the vine. We then stuffed a couple barrels full of the fresh hop cones and transfered mature sour blonde beer on top of it. Then we waited and tasted the beer every couple days until we thought it was just right, about a month later. It was then racked into a blending tank and packaged.

Farm Fresh is bursting with fresh hop aroma and flavor. This blonde colored beer is tart on the pallet and finishes dry. This beer was a tiny blend so it is club only. Get it on the pre-sale!



Norton Hop Farm!  Local Eugene hops!

Norton Hop Farm! Local Eugene hops!

Barrel Full O’Hops!

Barrel Full O’Hops!