Now that we are a couple years into production, we have a cellar full of a huge variety of beer aging in barrels and it gives us the opportunity to come up with some awesome small blends —Visions is just that. During an afternoon going through our cellar and tasting barrels, we found a couple barrels that had a character we really liked- tart, citrusy, and a good amount of brettanomyces on the nose. The only thing missing from these barrels was a bit of fruit character. Lucky for us we had a keg of Muscat juice leftover from another project in the cooler looking for a home! The barrels were blended and packaged with the Muscat juice as priming sugar. This yielded an incredibly effervescent, golden beer that bursts with notes of brettanomyces and tropical fruit. It is tart on the palette and finishes dry. With its high carbonation and tropical flavors it reminds me of a crisp and fruity Crémant. Enjoy this refreshing beer on these hot summer afternoons with fresh oysters.