The last beer of our September 3rd release is Kind of Blue- Belgian blonde ale aged in French oak with blueberries. This beer was brewed back in April of 2016 and aged in barrels that previously held Anne Amie Vineyards Pinot Noir that we added about one pound per gallon of blueberries to. Over the long maturation period these barrels picked up a ton of color from the berries in each barrel and a good amount of acidity. We then “barreled-up” (racking the beer out of barrels) into one of our small stainless tanks on another 500lbs of blueberries from Organic Redneck farms out on the McKenzie River. The beer went through its third fermentation on these berries for another month before racking off of the berries and into package. As always this beer was 100% bottle carbonated and conditioned for about 8 weeks prior to its release! 
Kind of Blue pours a vibrant crimson color with tight carbonation. The aroma is of ripe blueberries and oak vanillin. Kind of Blue is bursting with blueberry flavor intertwined with a pleasant but very present acidity that lingers on your pallet.