For every quarterly release at Alesong, we make at least one non barrel aged beer.  In the past we have made a Blackberry Gose and a Belgian Quad.  For the release on Feb. 25, we knew that we would still be in the cold-ish time of year but would be headed toward sunnier days as spring approaches.  Knowing that, brewing a Biere de Mars seemed like the obvious choice. 

Biere de Mars is a type of Farmhouse ale originating in Belgium and France.  Historically, they were brewed in the cold winter months, to be released in March as a welcome to Spring when lighter styles of beer were appreciated as the temperatures warmed.  And like other farmhouse styles (Saison, Biere de Garde, Grissette) there is a wide range of what the style can be, allowing brewers to offer up their own interpretations.

Mainly they are dry, crisp, and light similar to a Saison.  However, some examples that I've experienced have a little malt balance to them. Sometimes they are spiced with herbs and spices or even dried fruit.  They can also be crafted with just the four main beer ingredients and given the bulk of their character through fermentation with an expressive Belgian yeast.  Really, what's fun about this one is it is mostly up to the brewer and there is a fairly wide range of what a Biere de Mars can be!

Our version, Here Comes the Sun, is a light orange colored beer reminiscent of an Oregon sunrise.  It has mild aromas of citrus, grass, hay, and flowers.  Light bodied and crisp, Here Comes the Sun is perfectly refreshing for the warmer months to come. We dry hopped the beer for some extra aroma and there are 5 different herbs and spices added, but you'll just have to drink it to find out what they are.  Let us know your guesses.