Things are starting to get a little crazy around here leading up to events, but I wanted to follow up on the post last week with more details on beers and events for the next couple months.  So let’s start with the most important stuff – Beers!  Here are the first three out of the gate from Alesong (more details on all of them are here):

Here Comes the Sun - A mixed culture fermentation Witbier

Indi's Gold - A Petite Saison with Black Tea

Strawberry Gose - a Traditional Gose-style ale (sea salt and coriander) with a light kiss of strawberries

We'll also have a few other one-off experiments popping up at various events throughout Oregon and Seattle (like a young bourbon aged strong stout and some Brett fermented saisons with various dry hoppings).  Many of the things you see will be one and done, so if you like them, don't get too attached... Maybe.

Speaking of events, our Bier Stein Event kicks things off on Tuesday May 31. We are hosting a beer dinner called Alesong and Friends. We've been able to snag a few goodies from Block 15, Breakside, and Crooked Stave.  These three, amongst many others, have been monumental in helping us get this thing going. We are thrilled to call them friends.  Along with the dinner we will be up front tasting out the beers. The dinner starts at 6 and there are only 25 seats available.  The tapping in the front is open to all and runs all night.

The next day, continuing the celebration of Eugene Beer Week, we will be at 16 Tons Taproom helping to host Farmhouse Fest. There will be a rad lineup of great farmhouse inspired beers.  There will also be a panel discussion (6 pm) with some great brewers of these styles. The panel includes Paul Arney of the acclaimed Ale Apothecary, Sean Burke of The Commons, Tobias Schock from Agrarian Ales and myself.  Brian will be moderating what should be a great discussion. 

Portland folks - we're coming your way on Monday during PDX beer week. On June 13th we'll be at Bailey's as The New School Beer Blog presents New Brewers Showcase. The next night, I will be speaking on a panel for the Wild and Sour beer event. We're also trying to dial up another release event around that time.

And Seattle, don't think we would forget you. We're going to run up to Washington on Saturday June 11th for Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America fest.  We hope to have another event scheduled in with that weekend.  Seattle fans, feel free to comment on where you'd like us to park. We'll do our best to be in your 'hood!

So that's a start.  There’s more details on all of the events on the events page of our website as well.  Please bear with us as we schedule all this and do our best to communicate it. With only three employees, we're constantly switching hats. We're going to focus on brewing great inspired beer, and the rest will fall in place. One thing I've learned from 15 years in this business is the beer comes first. We're glad you're along for the ride.