The last beer of our autumn release, Four Brothers, is our take on Trappist-style Quadrupel Ale. The most common beers brewed by the Monks in the Trappist monasteries are Enkel/Single, Dubbel/Double and Tripel/Triple that simply corresponds to strength of finished beer, but when Brouwerij de Koningshoeven of the Netherlands brewed a beer stronger than their Tripel they branded it a Quadrupel. Quadrupel ales are generally dark in color and can range from mahogany to dark brown. They have a rich malty body but finish relatively dry with low-level bitterness and come in above 10% ABV. The aromas are full of figs, dried fruit and esters from the Belgian yeast.

Four Brothers Quad will be released at our November 19th release party in 500mL bottles. It comes in at 10.2% ABV with malty notes of fig, ripe fruit, and brown sugar punctuate the aroma while flavors of fruity and spicy Belgian yeast intertwine with the elevated alcohol warmth and clean medium bodied finish.

Aside from the obvious connections between the words “four” and “quad” and “brother” being a term for monks, the name Four Brothers is special to us at Alesong. All three of us come from families with four brothers! Below are some pictures of the Brothers Coombs and Brothers Van Wyk for your enjoyment!  Can you pick out which ones are me, Matt, and Doug?


Bigger nerds!